Most Black people are fully aware that they are being inaccurately negatively depicted by their national media outlets. However, while most are aware of these hurtfully inaccurate portrayals, they do not fully understand their intentional purposes. Most will hastily and shortsightedly state that these media inaccuracies are just the result of white racism, however while this may be true at its core, there is a deliberate and profound reason for why it is being implemented in this noted manner. These negative depictions of Black people actually serve a deliberate purpose. It is far more intentionally deeper than what appears upon the surface.  Presently, as a means of ensuring the continuance of white dominance and control, Black people are now targets of the largest media driven ideological subversion campaign in history. How many times have you heard the self-contemptuous remark stated among persons of African ancestry saying that “They themselves (Black people) are now their own worst enemy?” If you have lived among Black people for any length of time, I am sure you have heard this remark made many times. These types of self-contemptuous sentiment collectively held by so many Black people are not a strange phenomenon; it is in fact a deliberate designed of the white controlled media’s constant ongoing deplorably negative depictions of its Black population. It is a governmentally deployed psychological ideological subversion program.This psychological warfare program uses the national media to disseminate Black debasing propaganda that are designed to adversely shape the collective perceptions of black populations as a means of maintaining white dominance and control. When the past blatant methods used for meeting this racist objective  became no longer morally and socially acceptable the controlling societal white elites secretly implemented this more covert and sophisticated method. It was the logical method of choice more socially acceptable and fitting with the changing times.  This insidious, yet very sophisticated method of control misleads Black people to believe that they are now themselves their own worst enemies and that they should adore whiteness. This is done to create self-contemptuous dis-unifying responses within its Black population while conditioning them to accept white dominance over their lives. Most of its Black victims have never heard of this method of asserting White racism, therefore will find it too difficult to contemplate. This system is unlike the blatant overtly racist types used in the past that resulted in Black people unifying themselves against it.  It is not easily recognized or comprehended. In order to recognize this ideological subversion program Black people must reexamine some of their most basic beliefs and prior assumptions; and must also overcome a psychologically ingrained “White is right” preferentiality that has been thoroughly indoctrinated upon the collective Black psyche by way of this very same system. While this may present quite a daunting challenge for many, however the benefit of doing so and reading this literature will create a positive change upon the Black psyche from feelings of hopelessness and despair to an awareness of the most urgent issue of our time.  [Although this literature commonly uses the term African Americans, much of what is discussed is applicable to African people throughout the world. It is the most detrimental racist system ever to confront Black people.]